Return Policy

Cancellation prior to delivery:

Once an order is placed  and your order is confirmed your purchase is sent to our courier service. The courier service will contact you prior to delivery which is in  6-12 days and if you are unable to take your delivery we can arrange for further delivery within 8 days but if you are not happy with this and would like a refund then will be a charge of the  cost of the labour as we only make beds to meet our customers needs and are custom made so we cannot further resell them. If our company does not meet the delivery time scale within 6-12 days delivery and you would like to be refunded  You will be refunded on the card or payment method that you used to place your order. 

Damaged or Faulty goods:

Any delivery should be checked for any visible damage before signing the delivery note when your product is delivered and you should refuse the delivery and inform us straightaway so we can further send out you the product in the best condition that it was sent out at from our warehouse. 

If any item is taken by the delivery driver and before opening is damaged the customer will have to pay the charge of £80.

 If the product is seen to be damaged once opened we will need to told and also if any parts missing then we should be informed straight away so we can arrange a  refund  when  necessary or our company will sort out any exchange if you have a valid reason such as our company mistake otherwise they will be a charge and if any parts are missing we will ensure they reach you as soon as possible without any delay with a sincere apology and also a further discount for any next product you buy from our company.

Change of Mind

If you have a change of mind prior to delivery you will be refunded fully within 14 days of your notice in a email with you details and reason of refund.. Once you have been delivered your item you will be charged £80 per item to cover costs of delivery and also collection fee providing it is in its original packaging.

In any case of no original packaging then their will be charge of 50% will be deducted from your refund not including delivery charges and you may be also required to return the goods at your own cost using your own courier. 

Please make sure you are ordering the correct size and colour and material before placing an order as our company only makes custom beds especially to custom your request and cannot be sold on further.

If the product you want a refund on goes down in price at the time of requested refund you will receive that amount taking out the charge.

If the item is not in the original packaging then an amount of 50% would be deducted from the refund and also the charge of £80.

All mattresses are made to meet the needs of every customer and differ according to firmness if the request of refund is due to firmness then the charge of £80 will stand.

All refunds will be given on the card or payment method that you used to place your order.